15 March 2010

To Ride or Not to Ride

It seems that each year the weather turns gorgeous just before St. Patrick's Day. Enough so that St. Patrick's Day, over the past few years at least, has been the first day that I pull the bike out of winter hibernation. Even if I KNOW for sure that we will get snow once more before spring truly arrives. Not jaded, just realistic, I know my home. :)

Given that I'm 30 weeks along on baking the pierogi in this oven, I'm hesitant. I'm hesitant, but not because I think that pregnant ladies should not bike.

Instead, I'm hesitant because I am clumsy. I frequently fall down, for no good reason. The clumsiest person I know, and since the hormones started working double time, my clumsiness has increased exponentially.

I'm torn. I love my bike and I miss it. Beyond that, I am going through some serious bicycle riding withdrawal especially with today and yesterday turning out to be 60+ degrees and sunny.

So, I guess I will just pull the bike up, give it a once over, fill the tires, and stare at it for a while before I decide to ride or not.

Decisions, decisions...