13 November 2009


It's been far too long since I've visited Chicago, but here I sit! Arrived early this morning, took the train from O'Hare into the middle of the City, and here I sit near my hotel trying to get motivated to do homework. Graduate school is for the birds. Seriously. Who wants to be researching Housing Segregation and Public Health implications when I have Millennium Park and the Chicago Cycle Center (I refuse to call it the "McDonald's" Cycle Center) a stone's throw away?? UGH!

Perhaps I just solved the issue of motivation. As soon as I get some of these articles knocked out of the way, I'll wander over to the Cycle Center and see what I can find. I'll definitely have to snap some pictures, and be sure to pick up some information. Maybe they have implemented some programs that could be implemented at the University Bike Center? What an excellent adventure. We'll see if I actually have time to rent a bicycle and go for a little cruise.

If anyone out there in the blogosphere has some good recommendations for some fantastic, yet affordable restaurants accessible from Monroe and Wabash, don't hold out! :) Thanks!