24 July 2009

Pedal Pub - FietsCafe

How else would a bunch of bicycle advocacy dorks celebrate a fellow bicycle advocacy dork's birthday? Really.

Sixteen of us took to the streets of downtown Minneapolis for "Minneapolis Bike Guy"s 32nd birthday. It was some hard work to keep the Pedal Pub rolling, but we were determined, and the beer aboard served as our fuel. The pub carries 17, including driver. 10 passengers pedal, while 5 others relax on the seats over the rear wheels, or the bench at the back of pub, while one more tends bar in the center of the vehicle.

The birthday boy opted for the Downtown Minneapolis route. Little did many of us know that it was the same night as the Minneapolis Aquatennial Torchlight Parade! The parade goers had already set up camp along Hennepin Avenue by 6 pm, when our tour started. It was hilarious to be pedaling this big beast of cycling fun as the crowds waved and yelled in happy exclamation. Not even the most surly of evening commuters, or out-of-towners braving the traffic to get a front row seat for the parade, could help but smile and wave as they passed us during the tail-end of the evening rush hour. There's something about 16 people on a pedal-powered version of a pub-table/bar, complete with beer/wine in hand, that can make anyone stop, smile, and enjoy the moment.

My mom was jealous that I had the chance to experience the Pedal Pub, so I promised her that we would do our best to rent it for her birthday, she'll be 49 this fall. She also reminded me that the Pedal Pub is equipped and tap ready to handle a 16 gallon keg of your favorite beer. Looks like I'll be ordering up a keg of Summit this fall.

Pedal Pub Twin Cities
Photo Courtesy of PedalPub, LLC

Here's some photo-documentation of the event itself, courtesy of the Birthday Boy. If you have the chance to do this, I highly recommend it!



08 July 2009

Be Your Own Engine

This is definitely my new favorite campaign. As far as non-motorized transportation is concerned!

I also think the posters with graphics would make fun t-shirts. Perhaps they've already done that though, and I just missed it on the site?

Check out the posters, I might just have to download/order a few!

Be Your Own Engine