07 December 2008

Two Too Dapper Two-Wheelers

Jenny and Joel,

My apologies that it has taken this many months to post this lovely picture. I do have to say though, I'm happy to do it now, as it is a friendly reminder of the warmer months. Thanks again for letting me snap a photo, and thank you for reminding me that I had this picture!


P.S. Check out the gentleman's Mondrian inspired saddle. Sweet.

05 November 2008

November Rain

I'm back on my bike after successfully dislocating my knee while dancing at a wedding reception. I turned, knee popped out of joint, back into joint, lost balance, hit the floor spread-eagle on my back, in my fancy red bridesmaid's dress no less. Classy as always...

This is day three of 70 + degrees. It's November 5th. Not sure what's going on, but I'll take it! Unless of course this is a result of global warming...which is one of the things I'm trying to improve by bicycling...hrmmm.

All of that behind me, my knee has mended to 95% and all is well. We'll see if I can managed to emerge unscathed from wedding and wedding party number two in the coming weeks.

I don't think I mentioned that I purchased an additional bicycle? It is a 1970's Schwinn Continental, with a "Root beer" paint job. I was so excited to have friction shifting for the hills along my commute. I still love and ride my three speed Raleigh Coasting, but the auto-shifting and three speeds wasn't doing my knees any favors.

I also purchased a little knogg frog headlight in pink. I adore it, and it well matches my Starbright model Nutcase helmet.

Don't have any photos of the bicycle as of yet, but will try to get some posted soon.

23 October 2008


Saw this on another blog, but can't recall which one. I thought it was rather interesting! I was searching for something like this when I started driving Jon's car a bit here and there, but no such thing yet exists in Minnesota, as far as I could find. Let me know if anyone else has heard otherwise, but here's a story about Texas, from the BikePortland blog.



15 October 2008

Coot off! Not at all bicycling related.

For Mary, as she has been deprived of this luxury in the far off land of Canadia.

17 September 2008

Unite Bike 2008

Someone posted this event in the comments of a previous post, quite some time ago. I failed to put it up earlier, but am very excited that it is fast approaching! I have been spreading the word to folks at work, and in other circles, but hopefully putting it up here will help the cause too!

Unite Bike 2008

REALLY cool concept! (in my humble opinion...)
Who doesn't love a big "family" photo to display?!

I hope I'm able to make it. I have about three conflicting commitments that day, but still hoping I can squeeze it in.

If you are from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area or just happen to know some lovely bicycling types that are here, please spread the word! I would love to see this thing absolutely blow people's expectations out of the water!


05 September 2008


I heard from an insider today that the Humana & Bikes Belong Freewheelin' bike-share program logged over 13,000 miles in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the RNC! Not too shabby considering Gustav stalled the festivities some, and the weather wasn't superb for promoting bicycling to folks who may not typically be interested otherwise.

Weather is no excuse for the native Minnesotans, but we'll let it slide for the many others who aren't acclimated to our weather patterns. Here in Minnesota we're a hearty stock. One of the local bicycle shop owners said it best, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing." So true. I can't wait until we have a permanent bike share program up and running!

I also have it on good authority that Denver's mileage blew ours out of the water. But in the end, it's just really exciting that so many people hopped on and took advantage! Well done Denver!

And since I have nothing else nice to say about the RNC, I will say nothing at all. All I ask is that you educate yourself on all sides of the issues, register, and vote. I just began my graduate program at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, and I believe it was Dean J. Brian Atwood who said something to the effect of "Respect the beliefs and opinions of others, you will learn the most from those you don't agree with."

I leave you with this advertisement that was posted over at Copenhagenize.com.

08 August 2008

Ch' Ch' Ch' CHANGES!

It's been a month, and I still have yet to post a photo of my bicycle. It's been a month of running around, and the inability to multi-task and get my crap together! However, the design abstract, and materials list for my skirt guard are firmly in place, and I'm just waiting on the next pay check at this point! I'm really excited about the material, and fun pattern of that material I plan to use for the skirt guard. I think it will prove quite durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. I will certainly document the process along the way, and can't wait!

I moved again and couldn't find my camera prior to the move, and since have found it impossible to even begin to know where to look. Bedroom? Maybe. Attic? Maybe. Big storage unit full of all kinds of indiscernible cardboard wrapped belongings? Maybe. Laptop bag that hasn't been touched for years? BINGO!

The Rundown o' Changes.

I've moved, for the 11th time in 5 years. Ridiculous, I know. My partner/manfriend/live-in hottie/samboer and I became foster guardians to a really great, sweet, kind, bright, and independent 14 year old from our neighborhood, and I'm departing my current job in 8 days to begin my two year graduate program, and an exciting new internship! Full plate? Ya, you betcha!

I had previously named my bike "Lucky" because I won it through BikeTown for writing an essay, it didn't stick. I don't think it's quite right, and have been taking suggestions from friends on Facebook. Lots of good names, and so far the front runner is Gertrude the Grocery Getter. Gertie or Gert for short. Still very open to suggestions!


10 July 2008

Island of misfit...bicycles?

I took my bike for it's first tune-up earlier this week. The chain is cleanly oiled, and everything just peachy. Though I forgot to request a new nut to keep my chain guard in place. The dumb nut fell off sometime earlier this season, so now the chain guard occasionally slips and grates against the chain as I ride...not awesome. Oops.

I'm a pretty resourceful/handy person, so I'll be able to figure it out, but still stupid that I forgot to say anything to the people who were going to be taking my bike apart anyway...live and learn. :)

My newest obsession is finding a bicycling helmet that doesn't look so geeky. I ride slow. I don't need a super-vented, aerodynamic helmet. I hope to be able to track down a pink one, or maybe with a fun graphic at a local shop, but meanwhile I've been drooling over the Bern helmets on the London Cycle Chic page...so pretty.

I also recently, yet finally, stumbled across an entire community of people out there in the world whom I find it easy to relate. Copenhagenize, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, London Cycle Chic and all related cultural offshoots are my newest interest. It feels as though I finally belong somewhere, there IS a place for me in the bicycle culture! I'm not a misfit! Bajillions of people out there just like me, and FAR more chic than I'll ever be, but all part of the "Slow Bike Revolution", as it were. I never fail to be amazed by the power of the internets, the Google, and the blogosphere.I still ought to post some pictures of my bicycle, eh?

Next project: DIY skirt guard!

10 June 2008

Best Bike Rack Video Ever.

OK, admittedly I've never seen another video regarding bike racks on buses. However, this strikes me as far more entertaining and intriguing than any instructional videos I've seen produced by our local transit authority. I've never been to Louisville, KY, but I'm now compelled to seek out Mr. Theo, and ride around in search of the "TARCettes".

This video made me laugh first thing this morning, but then it made me sad, when I again remembered my bike doesn't fit on the bus bike racks.

"Dear Raleigh & Sportworks,

Please discuss amongst yourselves how to correct this issue of Raleigh "Coasting" and other cruiser style bikes not properly or securely fitting into the Sportworks bike racks with which so many buses are outfitted.

Thank you."

17 April 2008



And a lovely bicycling article from today's Star Tribune. :)

My fenders are on, but two of the stays aren't long enough to reach the fastening holes they are supposed to, so for the time being I got creative with cable zip ties. I may be purchasing a different set of stays from Planet Bike in the near future. We shall see how my zip ties hold up, first!

09 April 2008

Snow in April?

What a load of crap! I realize I live in Minnesota, and have only missed a Minnesota winter twice in my life, but what the hell? Snow in April? I don't remember snow in April in the last 10 years. That's not to say it didn't happen, but I definitely don't remember it. The sunny days of summer are just around the corner, but man alive, I wish they would hurry up already!

For now, I guess I'll just have to "visualize" riding my bike around the neighborhood on a warm sunny day.


13 March 2008

First Ride!

I rode to work yesterday, it was splendid. I know spring isn't here to stay just yet, but I'll take what I can get! I was reminded that fenders are a good idea though. Good weather, but sloppy spring streets. Now I just need to actually mount my fenders on my bike, get the bike looked over at a shop for a quick tune up, and I'm in business!

I work in transportation, and a colleague sent me this video. Everyone should check it out. It has a GREAT message. Leave it to those clever people at London Transport...


01 February 2008

And now, for my next trick...


OK, not really. As previously mentioned, I'm doing a lot of walking/transit hopping these days, as opposed to the bicycling. I'm not the most graceful, coordinated person ever, which is why I've shyed away from the biking on ice thing. Though, I've come to find that, at times, walking in a cold northern city is nearly as treacherous as bicycling.

I really wish people would remove the snow from their sidewalks. Through the snow, rain, thaw, rain, snow, cycles that we experience in Minnesota, if you don't clear your sidewalk when you have the chance, it turns into a lumpy bumpy stretch of thick, mean ice. Now I enjoy ice skating as much as the next girl, but trying to "skate" uphill on a rough,bumpy path of ice in my boots, as I'm trying to make it in time to catch my bus, isn't my idea of fun. Particularily being as clumsy as I am.

I've fallen down twice, on the same stretch of ice. I look at the houses and wonder who lives in them. Are they elderly folks who could use a hand clearing their front walks? Are they homes that aren't occupied at all during the winter months? What's the deal? Are they just lazy? Are they pure evil, sick and twisted, watching me try my damndest to not go airborn ass over tea kettle onto the soft, plush, CEMENT-like "snow" bank?

No matter, if you are able bodied enough to shovel your own walk, or if you've got a fancy-pants snowblower, thank you for clearing your sidewalk. Perhaps if you're out clearing your walk and it's not colder that a well digger's butt in a klondike, you could use that snowblower to clear the rest of the walks on the block? Hell, give me a snowblower! I'll push that sucker up and down the entire length of 29th! OR, in the event that you are unable to clear your walk, but are reading my blog (?) call the City of Minneapolis at 311 and let them know you need some assistance. They have people/programs in place to help.

PSA: Get out to your precint caucuses on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008! You can find the location of your caucus at http://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us/ . Happy caucusing!

15 January 2008

Baby, it's cold outside.

Thought I would make a return to the world o' blogging. I'm supposed to be writing about my bicycling adventures. It's damn cold out. Therefore, the bicycling adventures have been on hold. The cold is tricky, but the snow and ice are more difficult to navigate, when you have one bike, and it's not outfitted for such weather. I wish I were more well equipped for year round biking, but don't exactly have the income to make those investments at the moment. Someday...someday...

I commend those who have the cajones, will, and determination to take on the cold snowy Minnesota winter on two wheels. For now, I will stick to the bus and walking, and patiently wait for spring to arrive.

Speaking of spring, I may not be biking at the moment, but I am getting ready for my triumphant return. My gift from my employer this holiday season was a $50 gift certificate to Behind Bars. My local and most favoritest bicycle shop in Northeast. I stopped in a couple weekends ago and picked up my Planet Bike Freddy Fenders! Ooh. Ah. I haven't put them on yet, but I figure I have plenty of time.

Not sure what I will buy with my remaining balance. I'm thinking perhaps a pannier of some sort, or maybe another collapsible basket? We shall see what tickles my fancy. In other good news, an acquaintance suggested a potential solution for getting my bike on the bus. Apparently if I flip the front wheel/handlebars 180 degrees, so facing backwards, it should shorten the wheel base just enough that it will fit into the rack. I have yet to try this, but I'm crossing my fingers! If anyone reads this (fat chance) and happens to have a cruiser style bike and tries this trick, let me know how it goes!