04 September 2007

CORN, corn, corn, corncorncorn, corncorn!

I have just returned from Nebraska, and I really liked it! Omaha seems like a decent city, and the rural out state areas were pretty much par for the course in the Midwest. It was a really fun and pleasant experience! Speaking of par for the course...Jon and I went golfing with his dad. His dad works at this particular golf course. I don't know who the architect for this course was, but if I ever meet them, they will receive a firm talking to! OK, not really. If you're a good golfer it's not THAT difficult I'm sure, but for me?

The course was the most difficult I've ever experienced. BIG HUGE SPIKED YUCCA INFESTED WEED BUNKERS EVERYWHERE! And my ball landed(well ball after ball, since I lost so many)in the sand traps. A lot. I haven't golfed 18 holes since high school playoffs. That was a LONG time ago. It was exhausting just being out in the sun that long. Yeah, wow, I'm getting old.

Overall though I had a really great time in Nebraska with Jon's family. We relaxed, played a lot of games, and rocked out on guitar hero! New favorite game, for sure. It's a good thing I'm not one to indulge in video gaming systems...something tells me I would rarely leave the house with guitar hero sitting there, calling my name.

Highlight of the weekend: Jon sporting some fake kiddie blue tooth earpieces with bright red twinkling lights, that were pulled out of a cereal box. His cute elderly grandmother says to him as she's walking out of the room "I always knew you'd sparkle!" Hilarious.

Today was my first full day of work since last Wednesday...it is so hard to come back from an extended weekend. Does anyone else hate Sunday nights (in this case it was a Monday, but you know what I mean) as much as I do? I dread having to go back to a full day of work the next day. I feel like it's always been this way, be it school or work, but I'm not certain if it's just me, or the jobs I've had in recent years...Hmmmm...interesting.

This morning I thought that maybe it would help my mood to bike to work. As sweaty as it was, it really did cheer me up. There's something about pedaling along down the street for 4 miles or so through the neighborhoods, and into downtown. Maybe it's that I have to sit so upright on this particular bike, but I feel like even purposeful rides/commuting rides are leisurely. It's quite nice. Now I just have to pedal back up that darn hill once I trek back to Northeast. I just realized that it will most likely be dark by the time I head home tonight. I'm not too excited about the quickly shortening days, but oh well. That's just part of fall. Good thing I remembered my bike lights! YEEHAW!