10 June 2008

Best Bike Rack Video Ever.

OK, admittedly I've never seen another video regarding bike racks on buses. However, this strikes me as far more entertaining and intriguing than any instructional videos I've seen produced by our local transit authority. I've never been to Louisville, KY, but I'm now compelled to seek out Mr. Theo, and ride around in search of the "TARCettes".

This video made me laugh first thing this morning, but then it made me sad, when I again remembered my bike doesn't fit on the bus bike racks.

"Dear Raleigh & Sportworks,

Please discuss amongst yourselves how to correct this issue of Raleigh "Coasting" and other cruiser style bikes not properly or securely fitting into the Sportworks bike racks with which so many buses are outfitted.

Thank you."