10 July 2008

Island of misfit...bicycles?

I took my bike for it's first tune-up earlier this week. The chain is cleanly oiled, and everything just peachy. Though I forgot to request a new nut to keep my chain guard in place. The dumb nut fell off sometime earlier this season, so now the chain guard occasionally slips and grates against the chain as I ride...not awesome. Oops.

I'm a pretty resourceful/handy person, so I'll be able to figure it out, but still stupid that I forgot to say anything to the people who were going to be taking my bike apart anyway...live and learn. :)

My newest obsession is finding a bicycling helmet that doesn't look so geeky. I ride slow. I don't need a super-vented, aerodynamic helmet. I hope to be able to track down a pink one, or maybe with a fun graphic at a local shop, but meanwhile I've been drooling over the Bern helmets on the London Cycle Chic page...so pretty.

I also recently, yet finally, stumbled across an entire community of people out there in the world whom I find it easy to relate. Copenhagenize, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, London Cycle Chic and all related cultural offshoots are my newest interest. It feels as though I finally belong somewhere, there IS a place for me in the bicycle culture! I'm not a misfit! Bajillions of people out there just like me, and FAR more chic than I'll ever be, but all part of the "Slow Bike Revolution", as it were. I never fail to be amazed by the power of the internets, the Google, and the blogosphere.I still ought to post some pictures of my bicycle, eh?

Next project: DIY skirt guard!