21 August 2009

Cyclopath & Breezer Birthday Bike

Every time I discover something new in the world of bicycling, especially things created/invented/manufactured in the Twin Cities, I feel lucky to live in Minneapolis, and want to tell everyone I know. I share my discoveries with others, whether it's new to everyone, or just new to me.

Due to my current place of employment I have been aware of Cyclopath for quite some time, but hadn't been mentioning it to others, because I hadn't yet used it enough to fully understand its capabilities, until this summer. The site is constantly being edited and improved by its users, and the front page got a snazzy make-over, which had led me to start spreading the word far and wide. I love it, and it has helped my take even more trips by bicycle that I would have waffled on before.

This site is everything wonderful in bicycle route-planning for which I had been longing. Those of us in the seven county Twin Cities Metro now have our very own route planning, way finding, point A to B direction giving tool, distance tracking tool, and it even plans the routes according to riding preferences and comfort. I absolutely love it.

Check it out here at: http://cyclopath.org/

Another reason that I have been biking more than ever (save for still being on my never-ending weight-loss mission)...My partner Jon bought me a brand spanking new bicycle for my 27th birthday! I don't have any pictures of mine yet, but here it is; a sibling of my new Breezer Villager. :) (Photo courtesy of the Breezer website)

My Detours recycled juice box pannier, and all of its great colors, goes well with my new bike. I am quite pleased. Not to mention that the Villager FLIES compared to my 40 lb. Schwinn Continental!


03 August 2009

Naughty in Alabama

I saw this NPR story and was forced to read it again, and check the date to be sure it wasn't April 1st.

Really, Alabama? Don't you have more important things to be doing with your time and money? I guess I just don't understand you, Alabama. But, then again, maybe your situation is not mine to understand.

Congratulations, Cycles Gladiator, on a new found niche of novelty. It's like the marketing promo fairy dropped a big golden egg in your lap. Please do good rather than evil with this odd twist of fate.

Favorite line from the article,"So "Fat Bastard" wine is OK but if you think you're going to sell a wine with an artful nude on the label in Alabama, you're just whistling Dixie."

Cycles Gladiator Banned in Alabama