15 January 2008

Baby, it's cold outside.

Thought I would make a return to the world o' blogging. I'm supposed to be writing about my bicycling adventures. It's damn cold out. Therefore, the bicycling adventures have been on hold. The cold is tricky, but the snow and ice are more difficult to navigate, when you have one bike, and it's not outfitted for such weather. I wish I were more well equipped for year round biking, but don't exactly have the income to make those investments at the moment. Someday...someday...

I commend those who have the cajones, will, and determination to take on the cold snowy Minnesota winter on two wheels. For now, I will stick to the bus and walking, and patiently wait for spring to arrive.

Speaking of spring, I may not be biking at the moment, but I am getting ready for my triumphant return. My gift from my employer this holiday season was a $50 gift certificate to Behind Bars. My local and most favoritest bicycle shop in Northeast. I stopped in a couple weekends ago and picked up my Planet Bike Freddy Fenders! Ooh. Ah. I haven't put them on yet, but I figure I have plenty of time.

Not sure what I will buy with my remaining balance. I'm thinking perhaps a pannier of some sort, or maybe another collapsible basket? We shall see what tickles my fancy. In other good news, an acquaintance suggested a potential solution for getting my bike on the bus. Apparently if I flip the front wheel/handlebars 180 degrees, so facing backwards, it should shorten the wheel base just enough that it will fit into the rack. I have yet to try this, but I'm crossing my fingers! If anyone reads this (fat chance) and happens to have a cruiser style bike and tries this trick, let me know how it goes!