17 June 2009

I'm back in the saddle again...

I've know that I would need a new saddle since I bought the one that's currently on my trusty steed. It's a salvaged fake Schwinn looking saddle that I bought from the depths of the One on One bike junkyard. It was awesome for about a minute.

Almost immediately one of the springs came un-sprung from the frame, and now the rough metal edges of the frame are poking through the saddle's exterior right into my bum. It carries my weight unevenly due to screwy springs, and is causing other issues. I only paid about $3.75 for it, so it's far outlasted my expectations! Perhaps it will become a wall decoration in our new home's "Bicycle Bay"? (Otherwise known as a carport to two+ car households.)

Anyone have any good brand/model suggestions, save for Brooks? I would love a Brooks saddle, but not sure that's in the financial forecast at the moment...


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