17 September 2008

Unite Bike 2008

Someone posted this event in the comments of a previous post, quite some time ago. I failed to put it up earlier, but am very excited that it is fast approaching! I have been spreading the word to folks at work, and in other circles, but hopefully putting it up here will help the cause too!

Unite Bike 2008

REALLY cool concept! (in my humble opinion...)
Who doesn't love a big "family" photo to display?!

I hope I'm able to make it. I have about three conflicting commitments that day, but still hoping I can squeeze it in.

If you are from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area or just happen to know some lovely bicycling types that are here, please spread the word! I would love to see this thing absolutely blow people's expectations out of the water!



Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I live in NE. I just bought a bike, a pink schwinn last winter (to get my kids to preschool with one car in the family -- they are in the burly.) My question is, where in the twin cities can I find a big selection of baskets? My retro-looking bike has a funky metal part in the front that makes a regular basket not fit. I like the basket you have, as well.
any help would be appreciated.

Mackenzie said...

Hi Kristi,

I live in NE as well! YAY! Given that you're in NE, have you checked out Behind Bars? http://www.behind-bars.com/ They're my go to place as they're great at what they do and local. They're located at 2nd St and 13th Ave NE.

Behind Bars is where I purchased the basket on my bike, the collapsible style that attaches to a flat rack. They have had the non-collapsible double pannier baskets too, the kind that straddles the rear wheel, which are useful as well.

I was just in yesterday, and saw they had a good selection of front baskets too. I'm eyeing the faux wicker one myself. I'm not sure of the funky metal part on your bike you mentioned...but the folks there would be able to tell you if there was a way for them to mount the basket on your bike for you too! The front baskets are really cute, they also have some pretty AND functional rear baskets that sit on top of a rear flat rack as well.

That's all I can think of for the moment? Honestly, I don't venture much beyond Behind Bars, but they generally have what I'm looking for. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thanks. I'll go check them out tomorrow! Don't you love nordeast? I rode my bike to Audubon Coffee shop the other day and just savored living in this part of town.
Thanks again