13 March 2008

First Ride!

I rode to work yesterday, it was splendid. I know spring isn't here to stay just yet, but I'll take what I can get! I was reminded that fenders are a good idea though. Good weather, but sloppy spring streets. Now I just need to actually mount my fenders on my bike, get the bike looked over at a shop for a quick tune up, and I'm in business!

I work in transportation, and a colleague sent me this video. Everyone should check it out. It has a GREAT message. Leave it to those clever people at London Transport...



Mallory said...

awesome video! So true.

chic cyclist said...

Just found your blog, glad to read it and glad that you're out with fenders. We needed them today in Boston too!

Have you published a photo of your bike? I should probably read more to find out.