20 June 2007

My First Ride

The first trip I took was from the Lake Harriet bandshell to the Midtown Exchange at Chicago and Lake in south Minneapolis. I wasn't sure which route to take, but decided upon the parkway trail that was headed north. My instincts were telling me that I would hit Lake Calhoun eventually, and sure enough, I did. From there I traveled along the parkway lane that moves around Calhoun up to 36th.

36th is a busy street. Wow. It does hook up with 35W, so the traffic volume is understandable, but it's a lot different on a bicycle. For whatever reason, I had a feeling (hoped for my sweet little life) that most people would notice a girl on a bike in a BRIGHT red shirtdress. Anecdotally, it's been found that drivers often slow and give enough space to bicyclist whom wear their helmets, and even moreso, females. I don't write the rules of behavior, but that observation suits me just fine. Thank you. I rode along 36th from Lake Calhoun, east to Park Avenue, north to Lake St, and east to Chicago Ave.

Total mileage of my first spin out with Lucky: 3.57 miles
Traffic: Moderate

1 comment:

Mary said...

Does Google have a "Bike Map" section? Because if not, they should. I do love how you calculated it was 3.57 mi exactly. Way go to, georgraphy degree!